Hello People

My Name is Samuel and I am traveling with my Girlfriend and with the T3 through Europe. Now we are in Sweden and it's cold. Actually we are near Falun. Our Problem is, that we don't have a heater. I want to install the "Planar 2D". Do you know a Shop in Sweden where we can buy it?
Our next Steps are Gävle and then we drive the Coast down to Stockholm.

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Here is some
Some shops in sweden

vw typ 1 1951,  vw typ 1 Guld Tian 1963
VW Typ 1 Cab 1965,VW Typ2 1970
VW Typ 2 1967


Thank you for the Websites!

Yeah, now it's hot, but the last week was very cold and it was raining. And we still have 5 months to travel. I first thought that we don't need a heater, but my Girlfriend is freezing all the time ICQ/be


seit ihr noch in Falun? schick dir ne pm mit meiner Nummer, dann kannst du mich anrufen...



T2 Buss, t3 doka, Lt distance wide