1 Senaste redigerad av Barefootdriver (2016-10-24 22:22:45)

Sorry to post in English, but I have the same tackräcke as this (bought in Sweden) and was wondering if anyone has more info about it; manufacturer, etc please?
Thanks in advance.

2 Senaste redigerad av Dalkarl (2016-10-25 17:27:06)

Dont know anything about it, but I do have one of the same model. Non original mounts.


So it might very well be from Sweden

// Morgan
1961 soltaksbubbla , 1977 taklucksbay, 1951 Ford Anglia, 1966 Volvo soltaks Duett, 1966 MKP IV


Interesting mounts. I need to re-make the mounts on mine.